Customizing the Content on your Virtual Screen

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Proclaim not only lets you customize the individual look of your alternate content screens, but you can also alter the content of the screen to display content that is different from your main content. Here are some example from multiscreen and livestream scenarios:

  • Display a song in 4 lines on your main screens, while showing the same song with 2 lines on the live stream.
  • Put a bible passage on the main screens and just the bible reference on the center screen.
  • Show a sermon series title graphic on the center screen, while your sermon notes are on the main screen.

Before you go off modifying the content on your screens, first you need to know a little bit more about how it works. Most slide types have a ‘Main Content’ like the Main Content for a Content item, Passage for a Bible Passage, and Lyrics for a Song. These fields influence the creation of slides for your service item, thus modifying them can change the number of slides your item has.


Your alternate content and main slide count always has to match. If you modify your alt content such that the counts differ, your main slides will be padded out to match. Likewise, if you have modified your alt-content to have fewer slides than the main slides, the alt-content will be padded out to match.


Example 1: Song lyrics on live stream




Here I have a song item with the text to Amazing Grace. Four lines fit nicely and it fits on 3 slides. Now, I will click over to my Live Stream tab.



Here I have already applied a lower thirds Smart Media to it, but the four lines doesn’t work as well. Now that I can edit the lyrics, I can go ahead and remove extra line breaks, to reduce these slides to two lines per slide. This piece is key, as we need to ensure we don’t get the main slides and the alternate slide off from each other, so we want to maintain a total of 3 slides.




Now I still have a total of 3 slides, but my slide’s content better fits the space. And remember for a live stream, text can be a lot smaller than when projected, as the watcher will be looking at a TV or device close to them. Think about it more like subtitles when watching a movie.


Example 2: Bible reference only on center screen

Let's say your church has an ultra-wide center screen above the stage, and while showing a bible passage on your side screens, you want to display just the bible reference on the center screen.

You can accomplish this quickly by deleting the Passage field on the alternate content.




Right-click on the field and delete it to remove the passage from this screen. Then, select the reference and version and format them to be centered on the screen.




Now this single slide will hold through all the slides from your main slides.


Example 3: Series title on center screen

If we had a setup with two side screens and one ultra-wide center screen, while the pastor is preaching I would want his sermon notes on the side screens. However, the middle screen could show the title of his series, or perhaps the title of the day’s specific sermon. Now with alternate content this is easy to do.

I had started with a Smart Media from Pro Media on the book of Isaiah. I already have the series title slide, filled out my pastor’s sermon title, and added the sermon notes.




I’ll start by multi-selecting the other items in my sermon, the title and the content item.




Once in multi-select, I click on my Center Screen tab and then go to Background > Browse Med​​ia.

Once in the Media Browser, I can click on the facet for my series I am using. Proclaim surfaces all the media series from your current presentation in the sidebar.




After filtering to the Isaiah series, I click on the same Isaiah series slide and hit Apply as Smart Media. After applying, I can ensure the slide looks good, set the background alignment if needed, and I am done! 

If I head over to Preview mode and select my Center screen, I can see that my center screen now stays consistent as I progress through the sermon.



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