How to Set Up NDI Outputs in Proclaim

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In addition to displays connected to your computer, Proclaim can send out slides and alternate content as an NDI source (Network Device Interface), which you can set up from the Display settings.

Note: If you don’t want to use a default screen, or want to send different content than your slides, add an additional virtual screen first. Learn more about setting up alternate content screens.

1. Open the Display Settings.

Click Settings in Proclaim’s menu bar and choose Display.

2. Add a custom output.

Scroll down to the Output section and click Add custom output.

Add a name (the name you chose will be the name you see when using the NDI within other apps, like your live-streaming software), ensure NDI is selected in the dropdown, and click the plus icon to select your desired virtual screen. Click Save.

Note: The NDI output will assume the aspect ratio of your selected Virtual Screen. NDI outputs have true transparency by default.

3. Decide which content to display.

When in edit mode, Proclaim shows a tab for each virtual screen you’ve set up. You can decide which content to display by choosing content for each virtual screen.

Note: Learn more about setting up alternate content Virtual Screens.

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