Purchase and Distrubute Curriculum

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Faithlife Curriculum is the learning platform for small groups, Sunday school classes, ministry teams, and families exploring the Bible, theology, and Christian living.

Tip: All resources found in the Faithlife Curriculum store will work on the Faithlife Curriculum app, Logos desktop, app.logos.com, and the Logos mobile app. The guided learning plan for your curriculum resource can be found in the “courses” tab under the “tools” menu.


Purchase Curriculum

To purchase Bible studies, study guides, courses, topical studies, and more, follow these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to curriculum.Faithlife.com in your browser of choice.
  2. Use the search box to find a resource on a specific topic or biblical book, or click Browse > All to look through all of the available curriculum resources.


  3. When you find the resource you want, click its title to navigate to the full resource page.

    Note: If you’re only looking to buy a copy for yourself, click Add to cart instead. Then proceed to finalize your purchase.

  4. Click Digital (Group) and select the number of copies you want to purchase.


  5. Click Add to cart.
  6. Since licensing is dependent on access to a Faithlife group (either a church or a small group within a church for instance), you’ll need to search for the right group.


    Note: If you don’t yet have a group on Faithlife, you can create one quickly {link to article].

  7. Before finalizing your purchase, confirm you’ve selected the right group by clicking Yes, continue.


  8. Finally, complete the group license purchase by following the checkout directions.


Assign Curriculum Licenses

Once you have purchased a study for your group, you'll assign licenses for your members to access the curriculum. Continue reading to see how.

  1. Navigate to your group on Faithlife.com.


  2. Expand the Settings menu in the Admin panel and click Licenses.


    Note: Only administrators and moderators have access to assign licenses. If you do not have proper permissions, contact your group administrator to receive access or have them assign licenses.

  3. Locate the resource you purchased, click Assign, and add each group member’s name in the search box. This automatically adds the study to each person’s library in the Curriculum App.


Upon opening the app, all assignees will see the resource in their library. Each Curriculum title includes an interactive discussion guide that features small learning segments. Learners can track their progress, review reflection questions, and take notes through the Curriculum App.

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