Why is my Dymo printer printing blank/no labels?

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Most of the Dymo printing issues happen when the operating system and/or printing software are either misconfigured or incompatible. For example, if you came over to Faithlife from another service, you may have already installed other software which will prevent Dymo from printing labels correctly. This article explains the system requirements to successfully print labels using your Dymo printer and also how to troubleshoot different Dymo printing issues.

Note: Learn more about which Dymo printers are supported and how to set up your printer for child check-in.


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Note: Do NOT install Dymo Connect 1.4.2 for macOS; it is missing the Dymo Web Service which is required for printing labels.


On Windows, any browser should work well, although we recommend Chrome or Firefox. On macOS, we recommend using Safari, Firefox, or Brave (with Shields disabled).

Known Bug: Currently, Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, etc.) on macOS are not able to print using the Dymo web service due to a known bug. Dymo is working on a fix. For the time being, we recommend using the Safari, Firefox, or Brave (with Shields disabled) browser to print on macOS if you have a Dymo printer.



If your Dymo is either printing no labels or only blank labels, check the following:

  • Are there any network or console errors related to printing?
  • Is the printer directly connected to a USB port with an adapter (E.g. USB-C to USB Adapter)?
    • The printer must be directly connected to the computer without an adapter in the middle. Some adapters can cause problems with the connection.
    • If there are no USB ports available, try a different adapter.
  • Was there a recent update to Windows/Mac or the Dymo software?
    • Make sure you are using the recommended Dymo software versions.
    • Check https://www.dymo.com for an updated version of the software, especially if your machine shows a known problem with a specific version of the software and a recent update.
  • Were there multiple/different label printers used on the computer previously?
    • First, open your computer’s Settings/System Preferences and navigate to Printers.
    • Next, check to see if more than one “Dymo LabelWriter” printers are listed.
    • Finally, remove any unused “Dymo LabelWriter” printers.


Verify that Dymo Web Service is running properly

  1. First, you will need to find the Dymo Web Service icon in your taskbar. The Dymo Web Service icon should look like in the taskbar for Windows. It will look like in the menu bar for Macs. 

    Note: If both icons are showing in the taskbar, this means that two different Dymo software packages are installed and you must uninstall the software which is not recommended for your system. Determine which software is recommended.

    • Don’t see either of the above icons?
      • Windows
        You can either:
        • Click Start, type “DYMO Connect Web Service” in the Start search bar, and run it; or
        • Open Windows Explorer, navigate to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Connect” folder, and find and open the “DYMO.WebApi.Win.Host” program.
      • macOS
        You can either:
        • Open Finder, navigate to the “/Library/Frameworks/DYMO/SDK” folder, and launch the “DYMO.DLS.Printing.Host” icon; or
        • Open a terminal window and enter the following command: “launchctl start com.dymo.dls.webservice”
    • Once you’ve located the icon, right-click the icon and verify that it says “Started on port ######”. If instead, it says, “Not running,” then click Start service.

  2. Next, right-click the icon again and click Diagnose…
  3. You should see a pop-up window that confirms Dymo Web Service is running properly. If the pop-up says there’s a problem then try selecting Reset… and checking the status again.
  4. On the Mac, you can select OK on the pop-up to open a test page that checks that the certificate is installed correctly. If it is, you will see the message, “Congratulations! DLS Web Service is up and running.” If you don’t get this success message then we recommend reinstalling Dymo.


Reinstall Dymo for macOS

If Dymo Web Services does not appear to be working properly on your Mac, then we recommend reinstalling Dymo using the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the printer from the computer.
  2. Stop and close the Dymo Web Service.
  3. Uninstall Dymo Label Software:
    • Download the applicable Dymo DLS software from the list of Recommended Dymo Software Versions.
    • Run the installer but stop when you get to the “Installation Type” step.
    • Click Customize and select the DYMO Label Uninstall package.
  4. Remove the certificate:
    • Press Cmd + Space and search for “Keychain Access”.
    • With Keychain Access opened select System and look for “DYMO Root CA (for localhost)”.
    • If you see “DYMO Root CA (for localhost)”, right-click it and select Delete.
  5. Open the installer for Dymo DLS and complete the installation process.
  6. After you’ve completed the installation, restart the computer and reconnect the printer.


Network or console errors

The Dymo library makes several requests to the Dymo Web Service to initiate printing. If you’re encountering network or console errors, you first need to identify which request has failed and why it failed. 

In order to see the requests being sent, you will need to do the following (refer to the below screenshot):

  1. Press F12.
  2. Select Network from the top menu.
  3. Filter for “DYMO”.
  4. Select Fetch/XHR.
  5. Click the applicable request name.
  6. Select Headers.


Examples of successful Dymo requests:

The Dymo requests are as follows:

  • StatusConnected
    • As long as one of the StatusConnected requests is not red and is returning a response of “true”, the request is working properly and can communicate with the Dymo Web Service.
    • If all of the StatusConnected requests are red/erroring or one request returned “false”, then Dymo Web Service isn’t running correctly, and you should verify that Dymo Web Service is running properly.
  • PrintLabel
    • Don’t see any PrintLabel requests? This means that the previous request for “GetPrinters” didn’t detect a Dymo printer. Look at the response from GetPrinters to investigate further (see the request above).
    • Did the request fail (i.e., is it red)? This means that there is an issue with printing the labels. You will need to look at the Dymo Web Service logs by running the Dymo Support Tool.


Dymo Support Tool

Investigate why your computer failed to print by running the Dymo Support Tool to gather logs.

  • Windows:
    • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\DYMO\DYMO Connect” folder.
    • Run “SupportTool.exe”
    • The support tool will generate the logs in a zip file.
  • macOS:
    • Open finder.
    • Select Go from the top menu and then Go to Folder...
    • Input “~/.local/share/DYMO/DLS8” and click Go.
    • Open “DLSWebService.log” from this folder.
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