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Customize Your Live Stream

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When you use Faithlife Live Stream, you can select which features you want to be visible during your stream.


Modify View Options Settings

  1. Expand the Settings menu in the Admin panel of your church group.


  2. Select the live stream you want to configure and click the kebab menu .


  3. Click Edit and navigate to the View Options section.


  4. Click the box next to each option to select or deselect it.


    These checkboxes allow you to display a particular Bible version during the live stream, include a chat widget so viewers can comment and discuss, link to your most recent bulletin (Click here to learn more about creating and editing bulletins), show the current number of viewers, provide a countdown to the live stream's start, and display additional links (prayer requests, church calendar, church website, sermon archive, or giving).

    Note: Click Add image or video to display an alternate image or video when your live stream is inactive. You can choose a file from your digital asset manager or upload a new one. You can also select an image or video from Faithlife Stock.

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